6. June 2016



Braids, the hairstyle of 2016. They take (some of) us back to our childhood and are a technique you want to rip your hair out trying to master.


Rich in hairstory, the braid phenomenon came back into the spotlight this year by none other than Kim K.

From the get go I’d like to point out that I don’t plan on getting into the “braid” debate and the mainstreaming of certain hairstyles by rich white chicks.

For me, this hairstyle was childhood. I never really knew how to braid and we most definitely didn’t have five million beauty gurus posting 15 different YouTube videos each showing off “how simple” the art of braiding was when I was growing up.

But, finally in my mid-twenties, I have somewhat mastered this hairstyle and guess what? I LOVE IT!

One – because I look like a badass bitch.

And two – it keeps my hair out of my face during this sweltering heat.

BOX BRAIDS | HAIR | BEAUTY | SASS AND CURVEHonestly, I try to stay away from trends, regardless of whether a Kardashian promoted it or not, because I feel it leads us to losing our sense of identity. But, that’s the beauty with hairstyles – yes, you may be following the pack but you can still allude a sense of uniqueness through makeup and fashion.

Is this hairstyle worth the hype? Probably not. I mean it’s not that difficult, seven year olds in Kentucky have been doing this for years. But, I think it’s a good look to have in your hair rotation. I tend to rock it on the weekends because it hides the fact that my hair is three-days dirty and I don’t think braids are very office-friendly during the working week.

While for some this is an unexpected look for a female adult and you’ll probably get some weird looks from people, don’t let that stop you. Shoulders back, chin up and slay momma!

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