25. March 2016



Hair. Frizzy, oily, flat, dry, hat are all descriptions of our bonnets at some point or another.

Hair are (get it? like here are.. haha) five helpful tips to keep your locks looking luscious.


  1. Do NOT rub damp hair with a towel
    Your locks are at their weakest and most vulnerable while wet, so just squeeze out the extra water. This is something your hairdresser has been doing on you for years, but probably never told you about.
  2. Concentrate conditioners/masks to the ends
    The ends tend to be dried out and damaged, so the most love should be given to that section. Once you’ve placed the bulk of the product on the ends, sparingly carry on through towards the roots.
  3. Do NOT wash daily
    Your hair is like a dog, it needs to be trained. So train your hair to minimise it’s oil production over a period of 3-4 days because nothing is more damaging than daily washing. Why? because it removes the natural oils from your scalp.
  4. Stay away from paddle brushes on wet locks
    Like I mentioned, when it is wet, your locks are weak and vulnerable like a teenage girl in love so stick to using a wide toothed comb so that you aren’t pulling at the hair and causing breakage.
  5. Healthy diet equals healthy luscious locks
    Healthy lifestyle is important for your insides and outsides. Eating food that is rich in fatty acids, for example: nuts and avocados, can help give you shine, just like those models wearing wigs in every shampoo ad know to man.

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