8. April 2018


I AM. Imperfectly perfect. Far from a social standard or stereotype. I am learning and adapting, because life isn’t black and white. But rather a journey that challenges, yet fulfills.



A human on a journey of their own.

Let me emphasise, OF THEIR OWN.


Unique. Unashamed. Accepting of myself.

This is what the body positivity journey is all about – challenging your mind, body and soul. Breaking down walls and burning bridges that I let them create.


It is so important to look back on where you were, where you are and plan where you want to be. No expectations, but a goal to drive towards.

Where I was?

I used to be in a dark place, constantly being controlled by the thoughts and opinions of others, social expectations and so much self-doubt. Over think what I would wear, eat, say. I let others control my every move. It took a lot to start my own body positivity journey. I understand your hesitation if you are yet to start yours.

Where I am?

Evolved. I have learnt to not listen to negativity, move carefree. I’ve learnt to put me first and realise the only person that can control me… is ME.

You have to train your mind to undo the damage and conformity society has created. You have wipe the slate clean and teach yourself to love. To quiet the voices that are asking you ‘what will others think?”

No longer do I worry about the opinion of others because other opinions are not my own. That is the beauty of opinions, we all have them – but rarely do they all agree.

Others do not walk in your footsteps, they do not breathe your air. Do not let them choose your future and your path towards happiness or misery.

Mental strength is stronger than any bodybuilder.

Where I want to be?

I want to continue to strengthen because not every day is perfect. This journey is not a short or straight line. We all have bad days, but body positivity is all about accepting that bad days exist and understand that tomorrow is a fresh start.

The aim is to look in mirrors more often. Admire my beauty, because we are all beautiful. I want to compliment myself more, highlight my achievements; as for so long, I chose to highlight my failures.

We all need to admire our self-worth. Put ourselves at number one. Why should someone else be number one in your own life?

The people and thoughts that hinder you now will hinder you in the future. Projecting their own self-doubt and lack of self-worth onto you.

How can you be the best possible mother, wife, friend, sister, daughter if you don’t understand and love who you truly are?

Stay on your journey. Don’t give up on yourself. On days that you feel are difficult, remember tomorrow is a fresh start.


One response to “I AM”

  1. Anika says:

    This was such a great read. I have been in that dark place too. I think you are so brave to talk about this issue and I’m glad you are putting yourself first. Keep up the good work.

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