21. May 2018


This summer is about to trying out something you’ve never tried before… stretching the limits, jump(suit)ing out of your comfort zone! See what I did there…

Whether they be shorts, jumpsuits, white clothes, bodycons, make 2018 your biiisshh and give it a go. From the comfort of your home or strutting down the street.

It is so easy to steer clear of clothes we “think” won’t suit us or are too brave of a choice.

Personally, I am making sure Spring/Summer 2018 is all about wearing clothes that I have been told time and time again I shouldn’t wear…. shorts, culottes and as today’s OOTD proves – WHITE.

We constantly hear the catchphrase “black is slimming,” which is a debateable topic all on its own, but that doesn’t mean we should deny ourselves clothes of colour, in particular white (which supposedly “makes you look bigger” blahhh)


Why not try something new with something you feel comfortable in. For example, try wearing shorts but wear a long kimono or duster jacket.

I’m in love with jumpsuits, as proven here, here and here. So, I’m jumpsuiting my way towards white clothing.

This beautiful white floral plunging jumpsuit is from Forever21+ and I could not resist picking it up. It is one of those magical materials, crepe, that doesn’t need ironing, yet thin enough to let the cool breeze fly right up.

Plus Size Floral Plunging Jumpsuit $24.90

Are you ready to break away from your fears and challenge yourself? Be brave to try something new, especially when it comes to fashion because its your personal style. Fashion is meant to be fun, don’t let it kill the mood.

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