21. January 2018


And the 2018 travel wanderlist is here! The votes are in and the deliberations were heated, but the dream destinations have been decided.

I’ve yet to do a year-restricting wanderlust list on the blog, but I’m starting to believe that if you want something bad enough, you need to actively send out that positive energy so that it can happen. And we all know how crazy I am for travel so may the travel gods be on my side!

In 2016, I visited 5 countries… In 2017, I visited 3 countries (a couple of them multiple times)…. so, 2018 needs to be bigger and better!




    Now, the travel gods have already given me this one. Due to my graduation and need to go back to the homeland, I will be making my much-anticipated papparazzi-at-the-airport return to Melbourne (and a day trip to Sydney) very very very soon…. I have to admit I am looking forward to stomping around my old grounds and most importantly, vlogging it and having it as a memory forever (which I didn’t do last time).


    Amsterdam has been on my travel list for literally YEARS! I was very close to travelling in October, but it ended up being cheaper to go to Dubai (crazy, right?). After watching a few vlogs, I need to walk down those canals and eat all the stroopwafel that exists in Am’Dam and it has to be this year. THIS ONE IS A MUST!


    We all know I’ve been to NYC, but even in that blog post I said how much I wanted to go back. I need more time to roam around Central Park, hang out in Brooklyn and eat all the bagels. Just one more time. I’m not sure how realistic this trip is for 2018 because I could be left broke poor even before summer time, but a girl can dream, right?

  4. SPAIN

    Similarly to Amsterdam, Spain has been a location I have thought about visiting for years and always chose something else instead. After visiting Italy a few years back, I feel Spain would also tingle the senses and allow me to bathe in culture and sunshine… and your girl is very much down for that!


    In all my time hanging out at Munich Airport, not once have I had the chance to venture out to the city centre. And since we all know how much I love Vienna, I feel like Munich might have a similar effect on me. I have been to Berlin, which was kind of underwhelming, so Munich could give Germany some much-needed brownie points on the Sass and Curvé travel rankings list.


    It’s been about 7 years since I last visited and I loved it! But, it was only for 36 hours…. and that’s not enough. WE NEED A RE-DO! I just really want an excuse to go to a Premier League match, preferably Everton, and not to mention, the Saatchi Gallery and Harry Potter World is waiting for us and that cannot be missed.


If you’d love to find out my favourite travel destinations, watch the video down below. And subscribe to Sass and Curvé on YouTube.

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