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Whether you’re stuck in the middle seat in economy or laying out on a flatbed in business, getting the most out of your travel experience rests in the hands of the airline. So here are some of my favourite airlines to travel worldwide.

With ticket prices constantly fluctuating, don’t always assume that a cheap ticket means a crappy flight. Air travel has expanded so much that you really can pick and choose your flight necessities, but one thing that stays the same is the interaction with the cabin crew.

Before we even get started, there is one tip I want to pass on: join the frequent flyer program. Even if you only travel a couple times a year, being a member can have its benefits; let’s face it, they’re more likely to offer an upgrade to a member of their program.

And if you’re stuck with where to go, check these posts out (post 1 and post 2) for some international ideas.


Major airlines are the big birds in the sky that give you everything you are used to, but most of the time they come with a heftier price tag.

I’ll be honest, I’ve flown with them once and that was in business class. So, this might not be the fairest assessment, but everyone I know that has flown with them says they are amazing in all classes. New planes, super friendly cabin crew (like freakishly friendly) and the food is actually tasty.

This airline has been amongst the best for such a long time, years in fact. Rightly so. The Singapore Airlines experience is always a win. Sometimes their planes are a bit on the older side and worn-in, but their entertainment system has a solid selection of films.

Swiss has sneaked its way into this list after my latest trip to Germany. The friendliness of the staff is what won me over. Unlike other European short-haul flights, Swiss planes actually have decent legroom (I’m 5’4, make of that what you will) and they actually give you a sandwich for your snack meal and even offer a chocolate before landing.

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve flown Austrian – even to New York City. I just feel safe with Austrian, they really show care and safety is their priority. Seats can be on the small side, but the aircraft types do differ between short-haul and long-haul.

Voted Europe’s best airline on a number of occasions, Turkish Airlines really does make the travel experience comfortable. Additional props go to offering a TV even on shorter flights within Europe. The only issue I tend to have with Turkish is the lack of English knowledge of their cabin crew, which makes things awkward way too frequently.




Low-cost carriers aren’t a waste of time. Travel can be just as enjoyable even whilst saving a few coins. I have to admit, I haven’t had a ridiculous amount of experience travelling low-cost as my city’s airport doesn’t have a lot of flights and most are major airlines.

Easily the best low-cost carrier that I have experienced. Fly Dubai staff have to be some of the friendliest in the industry and they really do try and make the whole flying experience relaxing. If travelling economy, I do recommend getting an exit seat; it is very much worth it. I will take points off for their entertainment system (not free) as some of their screens are so old that they no longer function properly.

If you are travelling around Australia, Jetstar is your best choice. Slightly cheaper than the major airline, Qantas, this carrier has some of the biggest short-haul economy seats I have ever sat in. Cabin crew friendly and their flight schedule rarely gets delayed, in comparison to the true budget airline, Tiger Airways.

The German carrier, Eurowings, gives passengers a lot of choice. Premium economy seating is available, as well as food options. Similarly to most European airlines, you don’t really feel the “low-cost” when you’re flying and since it’s part of the Lufthansa group, you feel a bit more safe (or is that just me?)

Pegasus is similar to Fly Dubai in that it offers such a large variety of destinations. The experience onboard is very much similar to a Turkish airlines flight, minus the food (if I remember correctly). Cabin crew is friendly, the only downside is that if visiting Istanbul, this airline flies out Sabiha Gokcen Airport which is an hour bus ride from the city centre; this can be stressful when departing.

What are some of your favourite airlines to travel with? Obviously, mine are more European-centric, so I would love to find out what carriers fly to and around your country.

As always, love yourself and travel the world.

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