19. September 2018


BODY POSITIVITY | SASS AND CURVEYou have no idea how hard of a fight body positivity can be. How hard it is to open people’s eyes. How hard it can be to prove your point when your opponent has been brainwashed into believing what the rest of the herd think.

But I won’t stop.
Because I don’t do this just for myself.

I don’t want to see young girls and boys grow up thinking they need to be on a diet, need to look like someone else.

The BMI scale is a lie.

Did you know the BMI scale isn’t even accurate? It wasn’t created by a medical practitioner. Its developer had no in-depth knowledge of nutrition and health – it was only to be used during the period of its invention.

It is misleading, to say that least.

But see, no one tells you that. Doctors are so quick to pull out the BMI figures because it fits society’s mould of what a body should be.

It is trying to lead children, and eventually adults, to believe that they will die young if they weigh more than a certain weight.

Did you know “overweight” people live longer than those that are deemed to have a “perfect BMI”?

Disease doesn’t discriminate, disease doesn’t pick out the fat ones. We are all in the same boat.

Genetics do play a role.

Do you really think we were all meant to look the same? That some weren’t meant to have bigger hips or a rounder tummy? What so many crave as perfection is a lie developed by the media, the fashion and diet industries.

Body positivity isn’t just about the way we look and trying to get us to feel great about living in our own skin.

It is about changing the world.

It is about stopping the spread of lies, false imagery and the discrimination being felt by people of different sizes.

To make them stop making us feel unworthy.

Do my words feel harsh?

No apologies here because that is the harsh reality.

We have let ourselves get to the point where we don’t care. We don’t want to think a little harder.

We’ve let them win.

They have programmed us to hate our stretch marks, skin colour, nose, lips, thighs.

Let’s put a stop to this. 

That is why body positivity bloggers/community exist. So no one has to feel alone.

We don’t get to the point of total self-love, self-respect and positivity overnight.

We need to understand that we all struggle.

Seek advice. Seek support. Seek love.

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